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Transfer: Meet Hannah Y.-T. '23

Hannah Y.-T. transferred to St. Catharine's as a sophomore when she and her family moved to the United States from El Salvador where her parents had been working with a study abroad program connected to the Jesuits through Santa Clara University. They discovered St. Catharine's thanks to a connection Hannah's parents had with a Sister of Mercy.

"It is better than I ever thought it could be," she says. "I have lifelong friends now. Before SCA, I was pretty closed off and introverted." Listing girls from a variety of backgrounds, Hannah says, "It is crazy how many girls are able to come together and really get along."

Hannah played volleyball last year and plans to try out for basketball this year. A member of Student Council, she will be the development coordinator. Hannah will also have an internship at the NY Botanical Garden this year. She will work with children teaching them about the environment.

“I'm really glad that I transferred to SCA. At SCA girls are taught that they are capable of so much more than they think...We really are a Sisterhood. It isn’t just a cliché. I wish other people would be able to have these high school experiences. I am super happy that my fate led me to SCA.”