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Mission, Vision and Core Values

The mission of St. Catharine Academy is to prepare young women, in the Mercy tradition for college success, leadership, and engagement in the world community.


We prepare our students to take their full, equal place as women in church and society by providing education that is attentive to the whole person and is responsive to the needs of our time. We place a particular priority on the need for a spirituality that acknowledges the primacy of our relationship with God; to counter prejudice by valuing the dignity of each person; and creating peace in our world by addressing violence and exploitation.

We strive to make this education available to all who seek it, especially the poor and underprivileged of our time.

Core Values: the SCA Way

EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We demonstrate openness to new ways of educating and helping each student achieve her potential

COMPASSION AND SERVICE: We revere the dignity of each person and advocate on behalf of the poor.

CONCERN FOR WOMEN AND WOMEN’S ISSUES: We commit ourselves to be advocates for the needs of women, to value the contribution they make for the good of society, and through education, to empower them to do so.

WORLD VISION AND RESPONSIBILITY: We commit to the development of a global perspective that values the customs, cultures, and contributions of others, and facilitates a sense of interdependency and responsibility.

SPIRITUALITY GROWTH: We nurture a spirituality that is rooted in gratitude, expressed in service, and reflects the experience of women.

COLLABORATION: We practice skills in communication, cooperation, responsibility, and appreciation for what we can learn from others.