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Issues & Controversies
Bloom's Literary Reference Online
Physics in Action Online
Gale Cenage Learning Science in Context
Gale Virtual Reference Library (find here e-books)

Biography: Encyclopedia of World Biography

Business: Casebase

Education: Encyclopedia of Education

History: American Decades, 10 vols.

History Behind the Headlines

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas

Law: American Law Yearbook

Literature: Twayne’s Authors Online

Scribner Writers Online

Novels for Students

Medicine: Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine

UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs & Addictive Substances

Nation: Encyclopedia of the Nations

Religion: Encyclopedia of Religion

Science: Alternative Energy
Grolier On-line New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Americana, La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre, Amazing Animals of the World, America the Beautiful, Lands and Peoples, The New Book of Popular Science.