June 29th - July 24th, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
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STEAM the Program:
STEAM into SCA is an all in one program at St. Catharine Academy that combines academic course work in Math and English while exploring the arts and sciences, such as robotics, digital art, and dance. Every year our rising 7th & 8th graders make new friends as they enjoy team activities such as athletics, puzzle making, and games.
Studies show that exploring the arts and sciences in creative ways, such as robotics, art, dance, and creative writing, gives students the building blocks for future learning. Summer is the perfect time to explore—learn to code, work as a team to build in robotics, or dance. Each activity encourages young women to consider options they may never see in a classroom during the academic year.
She can learn in her own unique way without the pressure of what boys may think about her. She will take ownership of her own learning style. By coming to STEAM into SCA, girls experience firsthand learning and problem-solving skills with girls their own age. She will have the opportunity to break away from the traditional, coed classroom structure to identify her strengths and build confidence in her skills and beliefs.
Academic & Group Enrichment
Critical Thinking through Reading
Students will strengthen their skills with individual and group activities through exploring texts and games which challenge students to formulate opinions and enhancing their concentration. Students will also earn how to make the most of study time.

Students will strengthen their fundamental skills in math by reviewing basic math skills and math topics that include, but are not limited to probability, word problems, pre-algebra, and percentages.
Working collaboratively and independently, students will focus on writing improvements such as grammar and proper, concise diction. Students will practice both academic writing styles that are required in high school as well as given opportunities to express themselves with creative opportunities.
Digital Art
The one-hour daily session will use the school’s iPads and will create pottery, monograms, a room design, and a cartoon with a short animation. The concluding project will include photography editing and a one-minute short movie.
At the start of the program, students will begin by building and learning the introduction to engineering concepts. Students will then learn how to code: mini video games, individual mini tv commercials, and cell phone apps.
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