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Olga Segura '07

olga seguraOlga Segura '07,  a former associate editor at America Media and co-founder and co-host of the podcast, "Jesuitical," covers stories about racial justice within and outside the Catholic Church. "My favorite part about writing for America Media is that I get to tell the stories of black and brown Catholics all across the country," she says. 
Olga began with America Media after she graduated from Fordham University with a double major in English and Italian Language and Literature. While at Fordham, she was also an intern at the Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations. 
"Whenever I am trying to think about what story to tell, I ask myself: 'How do I represent and highlight the lived experiences of black and brown people in the United States? What stories matter to this community?' These are the people I always choose to highlight in my work."
She credits St. Catharine's with teaching her "how to be a woman for others and how to care about social justice." Olga says, "My years at SCA were some of the most formative of my life from playing Varsity Volleyball to AP Italian to mandatory volunteer hours."
Thinking about teachers, Olga remembers her math teacher, Mr. Antinore, fondly, even though math was not a favorite subject. "Even though I never developed a taste for math after high school, he taught me the power of studying, especially when something doesn't come easily."
Olga is currently working on a book on race, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Catholic Church, which will be published in Spring 2021.