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Student Athlete: Meet Jacylin G. '23

Jacylin G. has been an athlete throughout her SCA career. She began playing on the basketball team and is now a cheerleader on the JV team. This past season the JV team returned to competing on the National level in Disney World after a pandemic hiatus. 
Jacylin says the diversity and sense of community at St. Catharine's created the right atmosphere for her to feel like she could grow and take on new challenges like changing sports. She also says being an athlete helped her gain time management skills because she has to find a way to balance academics with the rigors of practices and competitions.
"SCA is special to me because I met all my close friends and the diversity in this school allows me to be myself and branch out to try new courses and new activities," she says. 

"My experience as a student-athlete has been very motivational because I always keep my grades up in order to keep participating in the sport I am in. My overall experience is very positive. I have grown a lot and really am enjoying my time in SCA because of the positive atmosphere created by the staff and students."