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SCA Admissions Test Application


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Welcome to St. Catharine Academy!

Steps for admission if you have not taken the TACHS exam:

Use this online form to register for the SCA admissions exam and begin your SCA application.

Also, upload a scanned copy of the completed application form, signed by your principal or guidance counselor.

The SCA Admissions Committee review completed applications and contact applicants in a timely manner.

*This test is only for students who missed the TACHs Exam and are applying to St. Catharine Academy. This test does not infer that you will be accepted to SCA and this test information cannot be shared with another school.

The cost is $65.00 which will be applied to your application fee if accepted to SCA.

The virtual test is a rolling entrance exam. 

For questions email: [email protected] or call 718-882-2882, ext. 147.

Online registration is preferred. For a printed version of the SCA application and SCA test registration, please print and mail completed forms to Kathleen Alston, Director of Enrollment Management, 2250 Williamsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10469 or fax to Kathleen Alston's attention at (718) 231-9099.

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