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iPad Program

St. Catharine Academy first introduced a 1:1 iPad initiative in Fall 2014 at no additional cost to students. All students receive a school-owned 7th Generation iPad, charger, and case that travels with them through their four years. Students use their iPads in all classes to access their textbooks, class notes, and take secure exams with instant results. 
Students have an array of programs on their iPads. Apps available to students include Google Suite, Notability, Examplify, and Homework and various apps that correspond with coursework. 

Security is important at St. Catharine Academy. All iPads are monitored by SCA to help students remain focused in the classroom. Students are not allowed to download gaming apps and are blocked from visiting gaming/streaming websites that hinder productivity and success in the classroom. 
All iPads are insured for 4 years with AppleCare. Students have the option of going directly to an Apple store or bringing their device into school and having a school official take care of any issue that may arise with the iPad. In cases of accidental physical damage, students are responsible for the repair fee and are given a replacement iPad within 24 hours of the damage reported. 
Students must turn in their iPads for storage during the summer months. Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to purchase the iPad for a nominal fee.