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Mission, Vision and Core Values

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The mission of St. Catharine Academy is to prepare young women, in the Mercy tradition for college success, leadership, and engagement in the world community.

Core Values Attributes
Compassion: Having concern for the needs of all, including those outside our immediate circle.

Empathy: Putting yourself in someone else's shoes to understand their feelings and perspectives.

Responsibility to Serve: Fulfilling the duty to not just care about others, but to take action on their behalf.

Curiosity: Being open to other ways of seeing the world and exploring new ideas.

Personal Accountability: Staying disciplined in decision-making, proactive in correcting mistakes
and self-motivated in our studies.

Critical Thinking: Gathering and objectively evaluating and analyzing information through reflection and reason.

Spirituality: Developing a personal relationship with a loving, merciful God, expressed in service and respecting others faiths.

Modeling of Jesus Christ & Catherine McAuley: Living life with abundant love, compassion, generosity and hospitality, demonstrating the strength of infinite mercy.

Ethical & Moral: Following a personal code based on Gospel values that guides action and choices.

Integrity: Standing up for or doing what's right, including when it's difficult or unpopular.

Lifelong Learning: Always learning something new, gaining skills and wanting to know more, in all walks of life.

Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing and welcoming emotions within ourselves and others to build resilience and healthy relationships.

Grace: Allowing others to be fully human without judgment, while honoring what is God-like within each person.

Advocate: Being a forceful defender, supporter and sometimes spokesperson for the values and people we hold dear.

lnclusivity: Going beyond tolerance to embrace diversity, while accepting and serving with open arms.