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Welcome to St. Catharine Academy Middle School

The St. Catharine Academy Middle School is a middle school program located within a discrete section of the St. Catharine Academy building. Our school is handicap accessible with an elevator. St. Catharine Academy Middle School represents a reimagining of Catholic education in the Bronx. It is approved by the St. Catharine Academy Board of Trustees and the Mercy Education System of the Americas. We are excited to extend our legacy of academic excellence to middle school students.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines:

To register for St. Catharine Academy’s events, please visit www.scahs.org/events/
middle school open house flyer

Tuition & Fees:

Tuition: $6,750.00 for 2024-25
Registration Fee: $300.00 non-refundable includes:
  • Student enrollment fees
  • Supplies (ie. Art)
  • Testing
  • SCA leased technology device
  • Extended care
  • Student accident insurance 
  • Student ID cards
8th Grade Graduation Fee: $150.00
*Graduation will be separate from the high school graduation.
Tuition is collected from August through May for Middle School students.
*Tuition is collected by FACTS Management Company
Admission Process:
St. Catharine Academy does not require a separate application to enroll for SCA Middle School. An interview may be required after registration is completed. To register, please click here. The following documentation is needed to register:
  • Most recent report card
  • Standardized testing results
  • Birth certificate
  • Current IESP, if applicable
  • Current scholarship award letter, if applicable
Financial Aid & Grants:
At this time, St. Catharine Academy does not offer school-based financial aid for Middle School. SCA participates in such programs as Be a Student’s Friend, Inner-City Scholarship, and The Children’s Scholarship.

Sibling Discount: If you have another daughter in either the Middle or High School, she is eligible for the Sibling Discount, a reduction of one month’s tuition.

Legacy Grant: A $1,000.00 grant is awarded to a student whose parent, legal guardian, or sibling graduated from St. Catharine Academy. To apply, please provide the name, relationship, and year of graduation of the alumnae. The Legacy Grant cannot be combined with any other SCA tuition discounts except the sibling discount.

Catholic School Employee Grant: $1,000.00 grant for employees of other Catholic schools. To be eligible you must:

  • Be a full-time employee
  • Email [email protected] verification of employment via two (2) most recent pay stubs
  • Be listed as a financially responsible party in FACTS, our tuition collection company
What does it mean to be a Mercy School?
Catharinites, who are students in the Mercy tradition:
  • Walk the world as a seeker of intellectual and spiritual growth.
  • Possess a moral compass that guides her life's journey.
  • Advocate for educating women everywhere.
  • Embrace a global vision of compassionate service to those in need.
  • Face her life's challenges with confidence. 
How will a Middle School work inside a building?
St. Catharine Academy Middle School will consist of Grades 6-8 and will be an extension of St. Catharine Academy, Grades 9-12. It will have its own classroom floor. There is a dedicated bathroom on the same floor as the Middle School. Every student will have her own locker. Students will share facilities such as the cafeteria, Art Room, and Gym with the high school but the Middle School will have their own dedicated time and/or section.

When does the Middle School day begin and end?
The SCA Middle School has its own beginning and ending time separate from the high school. Students will have a lunch and recess period each day. St. Catharine Academy provides before and after-school supervision included in the tuition. The school day will begin at 8:05 am and end at 2:35 pm.
What will a typical day look like in terms of schedule?
There are nine (9) periods in a day and students will have 40-minute schedule blocks.
Will Middle School students have before care and aftercare?
Yes - at no cost. We already have someone hired who does our after-school "care". In addition, Middle School students will have access to tutoring from their teachers and the SCA's National Honor Society (NHS) students.
What is the academic program?
St. Catharine Academy will follow the traditional Catholic School curriculum for grades 6-8, with emphasis on developing fundamental skills in reading, math, and science while developing students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills. All subject areas will be the standard NYS curriculum. Students will be provided a range of differential learning such as direct instruction, gradual release of responsibility, and blended learning. At the same time, students will enjoy expanded opportunities in STEM, art, music, and gym, sharing resources with the high school. All students will have a dedicated guidance counselor.
If a student is advanced, they may have an opportunity to take Algebra and Living Environment during their 8th-grade year. If a student has an IESP - there are services that are also available.

The religious curriculum provides a pathway for students to receive the sacrament of confirmation.
How will Middle School students submit their schoolwork?
We anticipate all assignments being posted on Google Classroom. Most times, homework will be submitted electronically through Google Classroom. Students may also be asked to submit classwork and homework that they worked on with pen/pencil and paper.
How many students per class in the Middle School?
The Middle School will be capped at 22 students per class.

Does the SCA Middle School have services for 504/IESP accommodations?
Yes, the SCA Middle School has a dedicated resource center for students with learning accommodations. We work with Catapult Learning and have certified teachers on staff to meet the needs of students and oversee student learning plans.
How will Middle School students be supported if they require additional assistance in class or are showing advancement in class?
In Middle School many times the teacher helps students either before or after school. SCA National Honor Society students, who already help at schools outside SCA, will also be available at SCA either before or after school. Students demonstrating advancement in class will work with the teacher and, if indicated, take Regents exams for Algebra and Living Environment in Grade 8.
How will Middle School students move from class to class?
Students will switch classes in most cases. The goal is to foster responsibility in making sure they are prepared for their classes.
How will parents track students' progress and communicate with teachers?
Parents will have regular communication through weekly bulletins and the school website. In addition, parents will have access to grades and attendance through the school portal - Focus. Parents can connect with their daughter's teacher via email, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

Will the Middle School have any dedicated sports?
Yes, we plan to have volleyball and basketball. SCA Middle School will take part in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) program.

What types of clubs and activities will the Middle School have access to?
Clubs and activities will be centered around students' interests.
Will Middle School students have access to metro cards?
Yes - distributed the first week of school.
How often will Middle School students attend mass?
The mass schedule for next year has not yet been determined.
What is the bullying policy?
Bullying will not be tolerated - as it is not the High School. Points of the policy will be in the student handbook. Students and parents will be in-serviced on all the points of the handbook as part of their orientation to SCA.
Will Middle School students be required to wear a uniform?
Yes - SCA will use Liebman's in New Rochelle. Middle School students will have the choice between the Khaki Skort or Khaki pants with our school logo, a White or Dark Navy Blue long sleeve or short-sleeve polo shirt with our school logo, and a Dark Navy Blue 1/4 Zip performance fleece with school logo. In addition, students will have a gym uniform that they wear to school once a week. All items will be available for purchase at Liebman's Online Store, www.scahs.org/uniform/, or in person. Students are required to wear white knee-socks or tights with the skort. Students are asked to wear tie-on black oxfords or white or black sneakers. More information can be found below.
What type of social events will students have access to?
SCA will provide age-appropriate social events for Middle School to participate in such as a Christmas and Spring concert.
How often will students participate in off-campus field trips?
We envision Middle School students taking trips once a quarter that aligned with the students' course of study.
Does SCA offer a Breakfast and Lunch Program?
Yes, SCA does offer a Breakfast and Lunch Program at a cost. The breakfast and lunch program is professionally prepared by Division Food Service Management. We do not offer the city breakfast/lunch free or reduced program. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch. They will have access to a refrigerator and microwaves.
How do I get to SCA?
St. Catharine Academy is located in the heart of the Bronx. We are conveniently located on Williamsbridge Road and Pelham Parkway. Our Laconia Avenue side Lobby Entrance is located directly across the street from the 5 train station (Pelham Parkway stop). In addition, the BX 8 and 12 buses stop on WIlliamsbridge Road and Pelham Parkway. We are also close proximity to the Metro-North Fordham train station.
SCHOOL VISITS: Available on request. Please contact Admissions at [email protected].
St. Catharine Academy will be partnering with Liebman's Uniform Company. Families can view uniform requirements and purchase by visiting Liebman's in-store or online. Visit www.scahs.org/uniform/.
Uniform Parts:
(school logo is on each item)
  • Khaki pants or skort - these can be worn anytime during the school year
  • White or navy-blue polo shirt
  • Navy-blue quarter zip
  • Uniform can be worn with tights or knee highs
  • Uniform can be work with solid white or black shoes or sneakers (no logos or words)
Gym Uniform:
(to be worn on gym days)
  • Choice of navy-blue sweater and/or gold t-shirt
  • Choice of navy-blue sweater pants or navy shorts
  • White socks
  • White or black solid-colored sneakers (no logos or words)
Middle School Uniform Graphic