Five students selected to be part of Job Opportunities Program (JOP)

"Student participants attend a series of career preparation seminars conducted by a dedicated group of volunteers from the business community where they learn basic skills that will help them acquire and retain that first, crucial job in today's dynamic workplace."

The students, Camila V., Charlize A., Cheyenne N., Elena N. and Kathy N., have started participating in the monthly seminars.
Elena says, "They’re preparing us for the interview process and the application process thoroughly, and they’re always ready to answer our questions in detail and with their own experiences."
Charlize adds, "I am very grateful for being in the Job Opportunities Program because it taught me the fundamental necessities of applying for jobs. This program helped me learn how to prepare my resume, what to expect during job interviews, and how to represent myself in a work environment."
Cheyenne agrees, "During the times we met we talked about the do’s and don'ts of an interview, what to wear to an interview and they looked over our resumé. They have done an amazing job preparing us for the workforce."
Working with other interns is also very useful. Kathy says, "There are many interns in JOP, who already have plenty of experience. JOP can set us up one on one to help go over our resumes and mock interviews."
Camila says the program is helping her grow as a person."I have been especially anxious about how to present myself to colleges and how to write college resumes, but JOP is tackling my weaknesses and allowing me to strengthen. I am beginning to become more self-confident through JOP."
Top row: Camila V., Charlize A.
Bottom row: Cheyenne N., Elena N. and Kathy N.
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