Back to School Plan for Week of Jan. 3, 2022

Week of January 3rd to January 7th

-           All classes will be remote on Zoom.

-          Your teachers already have a link posted in your Google Classroom from before break.

-          These are instructional days and students need to be in an area that is appropriate for instruction such as being at a desk or table.  

-          All students must have their camera on and dressed appropriately for school in school uniform.

-          For official attendance Period 1 and Period 3 will be extended by 5 minutes.  Therefore period 1 will end at 9:15 and Period 3 will begin at 9:18. There will be no Period 2 during the Week of January 3rd.

Beginning the Week of January 10th.

-          School will be in regular session.

-          More information will be updated as the time comes closer.

The following information is for those who are Student Athletes.  This includes Dancers, JV and V Basketball players and JV and V Cheerleaders.  All athletes have been vaccinated in order to play.  To continue to keep the team healthy, conditioned and active each athlete must do the following to continue with the season and participate in practices and matches.

-          Each athlete must provide the nurse with a negative PCR or Rapid test by beginning of the day on Tuesday, January 4th.  No Home Test is accepted.  If the athlete has had Covid-19 recently the nurse must have a written doctor’s clearance to resume play.  This must be done at the start of the school day NOT right before a practice or a game.  Only the nurse can give clearance to participate in an SCA sport or practice.  The nurse’s email is [email protected].

-          In order for an athlete to participate in practice or a game she must attend a full day of school.  Some practice schedules begin at 2:30 or have a game after school.  On those days the student athlete must be physically present at school for the whole school day beginning at 8:30 a.m. in full school uniform.  These students will also zoom their classes but will have their own areas for the day in the school.  These students also need to bring their own snacks and lunch because there will be no cafeteria service.  Vending machines will be available during the day for these students.

-          The following schedule is set up for the various teams to be physically present in school at 8:30. Some student athletes may have a later practice time but also travel a distance to get to school.  Those students are welcome to spend the day in school for a later practice.  Please let Sr. Ann know so we can expect your arrival. 


Day and Date

Team to be at SCA at 8:30

Practice Time

Tuesday, January 4th

V Basketball


Wednesday, January, 5th

JV Basketball


Thursday, January, 6th

V Basketball


Friday, January 7th

V Basketball


Friday, January 7th





For everyone, please remember proper Covid-19 protocol.  Wash your hands often, wear a mask and keep your distance.  If you have been recently vaccinated or received a booster please inform the nurse at [email protected].


Thank you and Blessings on your New Year. 

Stay healthy,


Sr. Ann M. Welch, RSM


St. Catharine Academy

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