Statement: Sorrow for Catholic elementary schools closing

We offer our prayers that all find a good solution for their Catholic education next fall. We also know that prayers are not enough. Please know that St. Catharine’s is here to support those searching for a new educational home.

When sad news like this happens, rumors begin to be added to the already devastating news. We want to reassure you that St. Catharine Academy is remaining open to carry on the education of Catholic young women in the Bronx. Just last year, we held a dedication for a new addition to our building. Our students are succeeding in robotics, the arts, athletics and more. We will continue to be a strong voice for Catholic education in the Bronx.

Again, we are so sorry for the loss of these elementary schools.  We have been glad to serve students from these schools over the years.

In Mercy,

Sr. Ann M. Welch, RSM, Principal

Sr. Patricia Wolf, RSM ‘62, President