Sisters of Mercy leaders condemn violence, call for peace in Israel and Gaza

Our Critical Concerns of nonviolence and women and children demand that we speak out. In all these conflicts, women and children are the most vulnerable and the primary victims of the violence and inhumanity. Human life is sacred, and we pray for all those held hostage by Hamas, and those living in Gaza who are threatened by the Israeli government’s decision to cut off their access to water, fuel and electricity. 

We condemn all violence and war, which only fuels more violence and represents what Popes John Paul II and Francis lamented as “a defeat for humanity.” We urge all parties to continue to participate in good faith in the ongoing diplomatic efforts to end the violence and avoid the escalation of military actions. All world leaders must step back from the brink in this never-ending cycle of bloodshed and work towards an immediate ceasefire.  

We cannot allow ourselves to become numb to the constant cycle of attacks and reprisal. These are our sisters and brothers; we share a common faith. All are children of God, deserving of a chance to live their lives in peace.