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Guidance & Student Services

The curriculum for the group guidance classes has been developed with emphasis on the particular interests and needs of each grade level. Throughout the four year program, the counselors work to assist each student to gain an understanding and acceptance of herself and to help each student develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Some of the topics covered in the grade level guidance classes are:
  • Freshmen
    • Orientation to High School
    • Study Skills and learning styles
    • PSAT preparation
    • Social media safety
    • Naviance: introduction and future planning 
  • Sophomore
    • PSAT- preparation and how to use results
    • Healthy self esteem- How to cope with stress
    • Healthy relationships
    • Naviance: career exploration
    • Resume writing, job applications and interviewing skills 
  • Junior
    • PSAT -On the road to college planning
    • Naviance- begin college search and types of colleges to look for
    • Registration for the SAT and ACT
    • Important aspects of college application process 
    • Letters of recommendation from teachers
    • College visits and planning
  • Senior
    • Naviance- senior calender for the college application process
    • College visits to SCA and motivational guest speakers from the colleges
    • Finalize letters of recommendation from teachers
    • Scholarships, grants and financial aid information, as well as research
    • Preparation for college interviews
    • Alumnae panels on 'adjusting to college life' 

If you would like to know more about our services, please call us at 718-882-2882 ext. 138.