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International Culture Club

International Culture Club


Why ICC? - Culture is about many things…. language, food, dress, traditions and customs. It is about nationality, ethnicity and race. On a deeper level, it is about generational beliefs, sexual orientations, socioeconomic class, ability, language, gender, religious and political affiliation and disability. 


The Mission is to Celebrate Cultural Diversity and recognize cultural differences. It is about understanding the concept of culture, which is the embodiment of who and what we are.


ICC at SCA embraces the concept of Celebrating Cultural diversity and is committed upholding these ideas:


  • The key to knowledge is tolerance
  • It allows people to gain a new perspective on how people live around them and around the globe
  • It helps people to be open-minded and respect other cultures
  • When cultural differences are acknowledged, it educates and unites people.
  • It helps to understand the perspectives of other cultures while broadening their own.
  • It gives people the chance to experience other cultures and add to their knowledge


Historically, Cultural diversity helps people become more aware of their own culture. It gives them a sense of pride. When people understand and accept cultural diversity, it can lead to community progress as well as personal growth. Celebrating cultural diversity is a way to accept that coming from a different culture is not a bad thing.


The Plan at SCA 

ICC member breakfast - November 22nd, 7:30 am - 8:30 am, members will take part in breakfast as a unit.

Breakfast Fundraising on Wednesday Mornings beginning January 2023.  The club will host four fundraising breakfast events, one each month. We will have donuts, coffee, and teas for sale in the cafeteria starting at 7:00 am.

Culture Fest Concert in January - The club will host a cultural celebration (GYM) displaying the different flags of the various student cultures within SCA. Performances will include but are not limited to - cultural dances, poetry, music, etc. The club will sell beaded bracelets, necklaces, and cultural bandanas.

Black History Month celebration in February 2023.  The Club would like to display various historical Americans every day throughout the month and present this information on the lobby monitor.


Women’s History Month celebration in March 2023.  A Celebration of women from around the globe, and notable historians that made a difference in the empowerment of young women.


Heroes Day in April 2023 - Women from different cultural backgrounds who have made a difference in that country's historical heritage.


Recognition of Teachers, May 2023.  Students will write snippets about a favored teacher on a Culture t-shirt. The shirt will then be presented to the teacher each day of the month.  The information will be displayed on the lobby monitor.



"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”…..J.K.Rowling