Women's Empowerment Club

Women’s Empowerment Initiative
Thursdays @ 2:35 – 3:15 in room 205
Dues - $5

Discuss women’s rights issues both nationally and internationally that are evolving in real time.

WEI Pledge

"I believe in the power of myself. I believe in the strength of all girls. I believe in the force of all educated young women. I believe in shattering glass ceilings. I believe in bridging gaps. I believe that all WOMEN can create, be, and do anything men can do. I pledge to always empower women; to continually renew the confidence of my sisters; to motivate future classes of CATHARINITES to strive for academic and personal success; to build a sisterhood within Saint Catharine Academy, so the world knows that I am woman, pure, tender, and wise, and ready to make my mark on the world!"

Women's Empowerment Initiative 
International Women's Day
February 25, 2020
Women's Empowerment Club 2020
Women's Empowerment Club
Ms. Christina Antico '05 (WEI Club Moderator), Diane Larmon, Esq. '00, Paula Vuksic, CPA, MST '86, Xaviea Pittman '96, and Sr. Patricia Wolf, RSM '62